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Lulu's Kitchen

Lulu's Kitchen I Like Big Butts Goat Horn Butts

Lulu's Kitchen I Like Big Butts Goat Horn Butts

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Goat Horn Butts are for the power chewers amongst us, the tough chewers that really need something strong and sturdy! Goat Horns are 100% natural and help clean your dog's teeth. They're super low in fat, they're full of nutrients and minerals and for the most part, last doggo's a long time!

Butts are THICK and will last most dogs many, many hours. This long lasting chew would suit dog's that love to lay about and chew for hours!

1x per pack

Our treats come in a 100% Australian Made and printed bag, an industry first!

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Made from 100% Aussie Goat!

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