Why Auto Delivery?

Join with auto delivery for the convenience of never running out of your pets essentials plus enjoy ongoing savings. Flexible delivery options are also available to suit you and your furry friends schedule!


  • paw1 auto delivery

    Browse our store and add your items to cart.

  • paw 2 auto delivery

    Set your prefered delivery frequency, checkout and pay for your order.

  • paw 3 auto delivery

    Update, change or cancel your auto delivery at any time via your my account.

  • paw 4 auto delivery

    Enjoy 5% off your auto-delivery orders.

Still have some questions?

What is auto delivery?

Auto delivery is an easy way to ensure your pets favourite items never run out. Simply select the frequency of your delivery and your items will be automatically ordered and delivered. As an added bonus, automatically save 5% on all auto delivery orders.

Are all items available for auto delivery?

We offer auto delivery for items that your pets may need on a regular basis such as treats and supplements. When a product is available for auto delivery you will see you will see the auto delivery frequencies as an option when you add to cart.

Can i cancel my auto delivery?

Yes you can cancel or change your auto delivery at any time. Simply login to your Zigzag Pet Store My Account and you will be able to manage your auto deliveries.

Is my price locked in?

No, Auto-delivery simply saves you time with your orders automatically being created and delivered. It also means we can ensure we have stock ready to go in time for your order.

The price will be our current pricing less your Auto-delivery discount and can change up or down based on the current pricing of your items.
This also means that if an item goes on sale, you will automatically receive the discounted sale price, or your auto-delivery discount, whichever is lower.