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Loyalty Pet Treats

Loyalty Pet Treats Seafood Slices

Loyalty Pet Treats Seafood Slices

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Manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats, these Seafood Slices are made from 100% sustainably sourced, wild-caught Australian fish. Nothing but fish. Locally caught off Queensland’s pristine Sunshine Coast waters.

An amazing all-rounder delectable treat that has great taste and great nutrition, it is perfection. This treat will enrich and reward any cat or dog, they are truly that good.

When treating your pet with our Seafood Slices you don’t have to feel guilty, our Seafood Slices have a genuine 1.5% fat level. They are a naturally delicious and healthy seafood treat.

Nutrieseal™ is the far more advanced way of drying meats, seafood & offal to ensure that the full nutritional value, natural flavours and aromas are preserved. The reason is simple, "Nutrieseal™” it is such a unique way of dehydrating product that we have a patent on it. It is owned by Loyalty Pet Treats, it is exclusive to Loyalty Pet Treats, which is why we are so proud of the product we produce.

  • Protein 83.6 %
  • Fat 1.5%

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